When I entered college as a freshman, I was supposed to continue on the path I began in my vocational
high school. I plowed and plodded my way through my four years as an undergraduate, computer
science major. I spent countless hours in the computer lab, programming and reprogramming, struggling
all the while. I was SUPPOSED to be really good with computers. I was SUPPOSED to continue to get the
excellent grades I earned in high school. By the way, I was in college on a full academic scholarship. I was
SUPPOSED to be smart. exceptionally smart. I didn’t feel smart. I felt like an


It can be difficult to overcome the feeling of being a play-actor in your own life. Feeling as though you’re
following a script, never really living the life you desire. How do you break free from a life of “supposed
to be,” to a life that fulfills you? A life in which you are using your strengths and talents every day at
work. A life filled with joy and anticipation. Dare I ask, “Are you living your best professional life?”
It has taken me many years to fully experience the professional life I desire. Creating a safe space for
women to connect, share and support one another is my heart’s desire. If you were to ask me what
advice I could give you for living your best professional life, I would say:


Believe in yourself, your strengths and talents. I call them PROPs (Personal Realization of Power)
Open your mind to the varied possibilities and avenues that lie before you. Closed minds don’t get fed
new ideas.
Leverage your network. Professional autonomy can be awesome, but all things in moderation. We need
a strong professional network to thrive in our careers.
Declare your heart’s desire, and go for it!

Going up against the formidable supposed to be, will take courage, but you can do it.

“Sometimes you have to lean on the belief others have in you, until your belief in yourself kicks in.”

– Les Brown

I believe in you. ❤

COMING SOON – “Take Control of Your Career: Do what you desire, dare and deserve to do!” Book by Alvina Peat. Release date Fall 2022.

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