Is this Program for You?

Are you a junior to mid-career professional woman, ready to increase your confidence, and grow in your career? Then The Emerging Leader: Take Control of Your Career™ is the program for you.

What you can expect:

  • Increased confidence – eliminate imposter thinking
  • Candid conversations about work life balance
  • A better understanding of your professional strengths
  • Examine your heart’s desire for your career
  • Remove the fears and doubts that are blocking your success
  • Build bridges with others within your organization
  • Create a renewed sense of your professional self

About the Program


Module one will raise the participants’ awareness of their strengths and the competencies they bring to their work, thereby increasing their confidence in advancing their careers.

By the end of the module, participants will:
1. Know their top 5 signature professional strengths.
2. Examine how their strengths directly correlate to the successes they’ve experienced thus far in their personal and professional lives.
3. Develop a plan to apply their strengths in achieving their short-term and long-term career goals.


Module two is dedicated to examining the goals and vision they have for careers, and learning how to apply their strengths to be successful in their current and future roles within the organization.

By the end of the module, participants will:
1. Describe their “next move,” upward, lateral, or their current position through new eyes and possibilities.
2. Answer the following questions: What do I see myself doing in my future work within the organization? What impact am I having on the organization and in my current role? In what way am I serving myself, and others in my role?


Module three will give participants tools to remove the perceived barriers they expect to face as they advance their careers and/or experience growth in their current positions.

By the end of the module, participants will:
1. Address common barriers holding many women back from making changes in their careers.
2. Identify their personal internal barriers and perceived challenges that are blocking them from pursuing advancement opportunities.
3. Learn customized techniques for removing their personal barriers to success.?


Module four, is a culminating exercise during which the participants will “tell their story.”

Each participant will create a personal narrative. They will
1. Boldly claim their top 5 signature professional strengths.
2. Demonstrate how their strengths directly correlate to the successes they’ve experienced thus far in their personal and professional lives.
3. Commit to their “next move,” and the impact they see themselves having in their organization and/or in the community?


To eliminate the feeling of isolation and doubt women often feel as they advance their careers.

Upon completion of modules 1-4, participants are assigned to small coaching circles. The coaching circles are facilitated by a career coach. All coaching sessions are held virtually, 3 times for 1-hour. The sessions will be held bi-weekly.

During the peer coaching sessions, participants will:
1. Reinforce their professional strengths.
2. Explore career concerns and challenges as they arise.
3. Develop and expand their network for future support.

The Investment

In-Person Instruction

16 hours of in-person cohort interactive learning


  • CliftonStrengths34 Assessment
  • Customized Journal/ Workbook
  • Certificate of Completion

Interim Assignments

Approximately 3 hours of interim assignments.

Cohort Size

Up to 6 – Maximum 12

Follow-up Peer Group Coaching

Three 1-hour facilitated peer group coaching sessions


Onsite at your location for added convenience Or Off-site


“The Emerging Leader Program has given me lasting clarity on what I can personally contribute to my organization and how I can keep moving forward in my career with the support and mentorship of the other members in my cohort.”

Heather M.
University of Pennsylvania
Cohort #1

“The Emerging Leader was a really wonderful professional development experience! I thoroughly enjoyed being in a space that has inspired and empowered me to pursue my goals. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know Alvina and the other participants through this program.”


“Taking control of my career has been a journey. I used to be one of those people who thought, “oh my work will speak for itself, if I just keep my head down”, you know, one of those people who was afraid to speak up. Suddenly, I found myself nominated to participate in a program The Emerging Leader: Taking Control of Your Career TM, facilitated by Alvina Peat. While participating in this program I was fortunate enough to get a copy of her book, Take Control of your Career: Do What You Desire, Dare and Deserve to Do.

This book allowed me to gain a sense of self-awareness that I never had before. In addition to this self-awareness, I also learned to understand and embrace my strengths and values or as Alvina calls them “PROPS”. This clarity allowed me to set meaningful goals that aligned with who I truly wanted to be. I created action plans and broke down my goals into manageable steps, which made them feel less overwhelming.

Today, I can confidently say that taking control of career has been truly transformative. I’ve gained a confidence that I never had a before. This journey is ongoing, but the sense of empowerment and fulfillment I’ve gained is immeasurable. Taking control has given me the ability to shape my own destiny and live a life that truly reflects my values and aspirations.”