Something Had To Change

When I was in the Emerging Leaders program with you in 2023, I was preparing for an incoming new boss and feeling a bit lost in my role as “Associate Director of Debt Planning and Capital Markets.” I had started job crafting on my own knowing something needed to change, but my time with you in the classroom pushed me to make change a priority and take my value more seriously.

The first nine months with my new boss have been great and our relationship is built on a foundation of many honest conversations. I’m happy to tell you that I have been promoted to “Director of Strategic Finance” effective January 1! The best part is the fact that the Emerging Leader Program – Do What You Desire, Dare and Deserve to Do, inspired me to write the job description and pitch the title myself, so I couldn’t be happier with where my role is going.

Now I’m spending the next few months having fun conversations about my vision for our new Strategic Finance team… and even more importantly, preparing for my first baby, a girl, due May 7th!

I think about class a lot and am very grateful for the perspective it gave me. It’s wild how much can change in a few months!

Director, Strategic Finance

Turning My Dream to Become a Soloprenuer Into A Reality

For 15 years I dreamed about having my own consulting company. Yes, I had had many jobs during that time, but none of them were what I felt to be my true calling. In 2022 I began searching online for a mentor, I discovered Alvina Peat who was helping women like me become solopreneurs. I reached out to Alvina. She was so kind and welcoming to me and she really had a genuine interest in helping me. I knew she was the one. 

The first suggestion Alvina made was that I find a community to support me along the way. She invited me to her T.C.B. Women’s group. All the women were so nice, and they all spoke about the challenges they were facing as solopreneurs. Alvina was a cheerleader who made us feel better with whatever challenges came our way. All the women in that group were so supportive of each other, I decided to join that group. 

The next step I took was to spend the day focusing on my heart’s desire and the roadblocks that were getting in my way of realizing my dream. Alvina invited me to the annual H.E.R. Retreat in July 2022. The event was a game changer for me. It was such an inspiring day for all. It consisted of a full day of reflection, creating vision boards, meeting other women who were just like me and sharing our personal stories.  We spoke about things that were holding us back in our careers. Alvina introduced us to her 4-Pillars of Empowerment: I Do, I Desire, I Dare, and I Deserve. When I left the retreat that day, I thought I could take on the world! But I still wasn’t ready yet. 

In November 2022 I decided I wanted to dig deeper into what was holding me back from starting my own business. I began one-on-one coaching with Alvina.  She really helped me learn more about myself. Alvina also helped me by ntroducting me to people she thought would support me in my journey. She invited me to some great networking women’s group too. 

Starting my own business has not been easy, but Alvina has given me the tools, confidence, and guidance to begin my next chapter. I have finally launched my own consulting business and I honestly want to thank Alvina for all that she did for me. I truly believe that people come into your life for a reason. I would highly recommend Alvina for anyone who needs support and guidance as a solopreneur.

Ellen D.