Alvina Peat Coaching

“Alvina has the unique ability to get women excited about their work, and their future.”

I believe a great coaching experience is one that reinvigorates the individual to see beyond her perceived limitations. Taking the time to learn as much as I can about the women I coach, I begin by learning:

  • What her career goals are, or does she need to define them?
  • What the perceived barriers are to her success?
  • Her unique strengths that will help her overcome the barriers to her ultimate work or career satisfaction.

Taking an optimistic approach, I help women rise above their perceived limitations to do what they desire, dare, and deserve to do!

Your Career Empowerment Coaching Experience:

  • We begin with a 30-minute get-to know-you conversation, during which we will define our commitment to the coaching experience. Yours and mine.
  • Bi-weekly or monthly coaching sessions over a specific period of time, depending upon your unique goals for the coaching experience.
  • Suggested interim exercises on occasion to help you further explore matters addressed during the coaching sessions.
  • Written follow-up summaries of our coaching sessions within 48-hours of every session.
Coaching with Alvina

The coaching relationship is in no way to be construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy.