“I don’t have anyone that I can talk to about my work challenges.”
“I don’t trust these people.”
“Does anyone know how hard I work around here?
“I put my head down and get my work done.”
“I’m not paid to make friends.”
This screams: I’M IN THIS ALONE. I have to navigate my career alone. I do not see the value in cultivating
supportive and strategic workplace relationships. 

Workplace relationships are the hub that connects you to your organization; so they play a pivotal part
in the success of your career. A study conducted by Kellogg School of Management concluded that 77%
of the highest-achieving women in the study had strong ties with an inner circle of two to three other
women. The study also revealed that women who share career advice are nearly three times more likely
to get a better job!

I can attest to the Kellogg study. About twenty years ago, I was working for a dream company, doing my
dream job. About a year into a new position it was announced that the department was being
reorganized and many of my teammates, including me, were given the option to reapply for our
positions. Sound familiar to anyone? I still remember the words, “Effective today, you are no longer
employed by this company.”

In one day, I went through every single stage of grief. I went from denial to anger, then bargaining and
blame, to downright depression. I was not ready to accept what I had just experienced. Not to mention,
my ego was bruised. There I sat, all alone. Or was I? No I was not, I had a sister-circle. A network! I had I
reached for my cell phone and began calling on my network. One “sister” in particular listened and
consoled, and once I got beyond the tears, she asked, “What’s next?” In my case, what was next was
the start of my own training and development consulting business, and I never looked back. 

Okay! So, if you’re thinking, “What a great story, but I’m still not convinced that it was your sister-circle
that helped you start your business. It was your own grit.” You’re partly correct. To get to where I am
today, I had to sit in the driver’s seat and start the engine, but it certainly helped to have my sister-
circle, a.k.a., a network of support, on the passenger’s side.  

COMING SOON – “Take Control of Your Career: Do what you desire, dare and deserve to do!” Book by Alvina Peat. Release date Fall 2022.

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