Often when I work with women to identify their next career move, the conversation goes something like this: “I’ve been doing this job for so long (I do). I’m ready for a change (I desire), but I’m not sure this is the right time, (I dare). I have so many people counting on me, if I make a move now, how will my family, or my team be impacted (I deserve)?”

It is from these conversations, and my own professional struggles, that I created a methodology for helping women breakthrough the barriers that are holding them back from living a more empowered professional life. I call the methodology the 4-Pillars of Empowerment: I do, I desire, I dare, and I deserve. 

The 4-Pillars of Empowerment

✔     I Do – Identifying professional strengths (and we all have them)

✔     I Desire – Boldly declaring the heart’s desire

✔     I Dare – Removing the fears that block success

✔    I Deserve -Creating a success mindset

When I introduce the pillars to women, they are intrigued by the methodology. Many will admit that they have never thought about their careers in such an empowered way. They begin to see their career path more clearly, with more confidence, and control.

Are you ready to have clarity, confidence, and control in your career? Or maybe you don’t see your work as a career, but rather as a means to an end. A way to provide for yourself and your family. No matter the lens through which you view work, I’d like to help you build confidence to pursue and maintain the career or work that you desire so that you can live your best professional life.

I would love to connect with you. I provide one-on-one professional development coaching for junior and mid-level individuals, who desire more clarity and control in their professional journey. 

Now, go take care of business! :-)

COMING SOON – “Take Control of Your Career: Do what you desire, dare and deserve to do!” Book by Alvina Peat. Release date Fall 2022.

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